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Avis de non-responsabilité site Internet Euromut Mutualité Libre

Protection of privacy on the Internet site www.euromut.be and on-line office My Euromut and conditions of use

Last updated: 3 July 2012

Euromut respects the private life of its members, Internet users and all other persons concerned in accordance with the legislation in force and, in particular, the Act of 8 December 1992 governing the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of data of a private kind, together with its implementing decrees.


By the simple fact of accessing the Euromut Internet site (www.euromut.be), the Internet user declares that he/she has taken cognizance of the information given below and authorises Euromut to process the private data that he/she communicates through the Internet site (including through the on-line office, on-line forms, e-mails sent to Euromut e-mail addresses, cookies, environment variables, etc.) in accordance with the declarations below and the legislation in force.




What are my private data used for?


Your private data are processed with a view to

  • complying with compulsory insurance for health-care and benefits;
  • implementing additional services and hospitalisation and dental insurance products;
  • informing you about our activities and services by means of our newsletter and publications.

Private data regarding individuals which are communicated to Euromut through its Internet site www.euromut.be, its on-line office “My Euromut” and/or in the framework of the services offered on this Internet site, are used by Euromut for the purpose of processing the Internet user’s requests, and in particular:

  • In the case of a request to join the Euromut mutual insurance scheme, the data are used exclusively to contact you in order to settle the registration formalities.
  • In the case of a request to register for a hospitalisation or dental insurance product, the data will also be transmitted to the mutual insurance company “Mutuelle Entraide Hospitalisation”.

Questions concerning issues involved in the protection of personal data? Contact Pascale Backaert, director of the legal department of Euromut Mutualité Libre, Boulevard Louis Mettewie 74-76 at 1080 Brussels
Fax : 32 2-44 44 360
E-mail :


Who can access my personal data?

All Euromut employees who are authorised to process certain categories of private data. They are subject to professional secrecy.

Private data regarding your health are treated by members of departments who have been expressly authorised by a health-care professional and who operate under the supervision and responsibility of the latter.

Euromut will supply you with a list of the categories of persons/entities that treat your private health data. For its on-line office the responsible persons/entities for Euromut members are:

Compulsory and complementary national insurance: Union Nationale des Mutualités Libres n° 411.766.483, recognised in accordance with the Act of 6 August 1990
Rue Saint-Hubert, 19 at
1150 Brussels, Belgium
Tel. : 32 2-778 92 11
Fax : 32 2-778 94 00
E-mail : info@mloz.be
Complementary service: Euromut Mutualité Libre, n° 411.815.280, recognised in accordance with the Act of 6 August 1990
Boulevard Mettewie 74-76 at 1080 Brussels, Belgium
Tel. : 32 2-44 44 700
Fax : 32 2-44 44 360
E-mail : info@euromut.be
Hospitalisation or dental insurance product: Mutuelle Entraide Hospitalisation, n° 422.189.629, approved by the Control Office for mutual insurance companies and the national unions of mutual insurance companies, by decision of 17 October 2011 to offer sickness insurance pursuant to Class 2 of Appendix 1 to the Royal Decree of 22 February 1991 setting out general regulations for the control of insurance enterprises, and also covering, in a complementary way, the risks involved in assistance as set out in Class 18 of Appendix 1 to the aforesaid Royal Decree, under the code number OCM 750/01F
Rue Saint-Hubert, 19
1150 Brussels, Belgium
Tel. : 32 2-778 92 11
Fax : 32 2-778 94 00
E-mail : info@mloz.be


You consent to the exchange of private data concerning you between the legal entities – existing or to be created – linked to Euromut. These legal entities are companies exercising activities concerning health care in general, hospitalisation and dental insurance and/or activities arising logically out of these. This exchange of data is intended to enable the participating companies to carry out the central management of the members of the Mutualités Libres (Independent Mutual Insurance Companies), to carry out studies, compile statistics and/or engage in marketing activities (except e-mail advertising and only if the person concerned does not object to this), to offer and/or perform the abovementioned services. These legal entities undertake to ensure a high level of protection of the private data being exchanged and are subject to an obligation of discretion.
The updated list of the categories of individuals and legal entities concerned may be consulted on simple request to Euromut. Apart from this list, Euromut does not communicate any data of a personal kind to third parties, unless it has received the express prior authorisation of the person concerned or is bound to do so because of a Belgian or foreign statutory provision or if a legitimate interest justifies it, or on the injunction of a supervisory authority, or following a judicial decision.

Your private data are therefore processed by Euromut and the connected legal entities in the strictest confidentiality. However, as the Internet does not offer total security, privacy cannot be guaranteed unless the private data are transmitted by communication channels which Euromut has expressly indicated as being protected.


May I refuse to transmit my personal data?

No legal provision obliges the Internet user to reply to the questions asked by Euromut, but the fact of not replying may, according to the case, result in the impossibility or refusal of Euromut to enter into a (pre-)contractual relationship, to continue such a relationship or to carry out an operation requested by the Internet user in his/her favour or in that of a third party.

You may at any moment, on request and free of charge, object to the processing of data concerning you for canvassing purposes ("direct marketing") by Euromut and/or withdraw your consent to the exchange of data concerning you between the legal entities linked to Euromut for direct marketing purposes, by sending an e-mail to the following address ebusiness@euromut.be .


How can I consult /amend my personal data?

You can consult your personal file, those of your dependents and of the insured policy holder(s) for whom you have received power of attorney.

As a member of the Euromut mutual company, you have the right to consult the personal data concerning you which are processed by Euromut, and you may have them corrected if they are inaccurate or incomplete. You may also have them deleted or object to the processing of data which are not relevant to the defined objectives. In order to do this, you may simply send a signed and dated request accompanied by a copy of both sides of your identity card to Euromut Mutualité Libre, Boulevard Mettewie 74-76 at 1080 Brussels. Members may also notify certain amendments through their electronic file “My Euromut” or by going to their agency or via the contact forms. 


Use of cookies

Cookie files are used on the www.euromut.be site, in order to provide a better service for the Internet user. A “cookie” is a text file containing information about the behaviour of a person who visits an Internet site. It is created by the software on the server of the Internet site but is stored on the hard disk of the Internet user’s computer. During a later visit the content of the cookie may be retrieved by the Internet site server.

The cookies by the Euromut Internet site make it possible to personalise the services in accordance with the centres of interest of each Internet user. They are kept on the user’s computer for a maximum period of 6 months. You can deactivate the creation of cookies by changing the parameters of your Internet browser.


Environment variable

During your visits to the site, the following personal data are communicated to your mutual insurance company and registered through the Internet user’s operating system:

  • Your TCP/IP address
  • All the information concerning the site page you are visiting and those of other Internet sites through which the Internet user accessed the Euromut site.

These data are processed so as to the take into account the elements specific to the configuration of your computer in order to send the requested page in a suitable format (language selected).


Protection of my data

In order to protect your privacy, a secure procedure enables you to register in order to benefit immediately from the services offered by “My Euromut”.

The secure character and authenticity of the site, the integrity and confidentiality of the information communicated are ensured by the following measures:

  • The Web server is physically protected against adverse weather, theft and vandalism;
  • The Web server environment is managed internally and is exclusively intended for the Internet sites of the independent mutual insurance companies;
  • access between the Internet server and the Internet is carried out over individual, dedicated lines, which protect the underlying network through a Demilitarised Zone [DMZ], implemented by means of two firewalls and advanced hardware and encrypted through the protocol Secure Socket Layers [SSL] on 1024 bits.

Pursuant to the Act governing the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of private data of 08/12/1992, Euromut Mutualité Libre makes a prior declaration of the processing of the private data of its members to the Commission for the Protection of Privacy (CPVP). For more information, consult http://www.privacycommission.be/fr.  


Conditions of use of www.euromut.be

The www.euromut.be site gives the most complete picture possible of the benefits and services of the Euromut mutual insurance company. This site is not meant to be exhaustive or to take every individual case into account. To have detailed and personalised information we would ask you to contact us.
Euromut undertakes to check and update regularly the information and material appearing on its site and to verify the reliability and integrity of its sources. Consequently, the information and material appearing on its site are liable to be changed.

The information and advice given on the site are for guidance only and create no entitlements. In the event of doubt or contestation, the articles of association and the legislation in force are applicable.

The “Health advice” tab is for information only and is in no case intended to replace a visit to a health-care professional.


Conditions of use of “My Euromut”

The benefits and services of “My Euromut” are intended for members of the Euromut mutual insurance company only, whether these be the principal insured persons or their dependents or, where applicable, members of the mutual insurance company “Mutuelle Entraide Hospitalisation”.


Except in the case of an intentional act or serious misdemeanour on its part or on the part of its officials, Euromut may not be held liable for:

  • the technical difficulties that the Internet user may encounter on its site, whatever their cause, and in particular, but not exclusively, bugs, viruses, insufficient capacity, the configuration of the Internet user’s hardware and software, the browser, computer systems and their extensions, of whatever kind, which provide access to the Internet and to this site. The adaptation, installation, maintenance, security and updating of the Internet user’s hardware and software configurations, as well as his/her computer systems and their extensions, remain the responsibility of the Internet user.
  • any damage attributable to force majeure, facts or third parties over which it has no direct control, such as, for example but not exclusively, hyperlinks which, from other sites which are not under the direct control of Euromut and/or its officials, give access to the Euromut site.
  • any damage due to the fact of quitting the www.euromut.be site or which appears after quitting it, even if the Internet user quits this site via a hyperlink placed on it. Such a link is deemed to be part of a third-party site.
  • any direct or indirect damage caused by any information, data or result of automatic processing which might be communicated on or through this site to the Internet user and/or any direct or indirect damage which might be caused to the Internet user or third parties because of the drawing of certain conclusions or the performing of certain acts following consultation with the information, data and results of automatic processing presented on or through this site.
  • damage attributable to errors, whatever their cause, which might occur during the automatic processing of data entered by the Internet user into the interactive applications, in so far as Euromut did not itself develop these interactive applications and makes this clear by the display of a logo or other indication.
  • the incomplete, inaccurate or out-of-date nature of data entered by the Internet user when using the interactive applications.
  • illicit access by third parties or illicit changes made by third parties to the computer system, programming or programming code or Euromut software or that of the Internet user, or the direct or indirect damage which might result from this.
  • Internet sites and site operating practices which are not managed by Euromut. 

Third-party sites
Euromut disclaims all liability regarding any information or material on any site accessible through the links present on this Internet site.

The creation of a link to a third-party site, or the authorisation accorded to a third-party site to create a link to the present site, does not in any way imply that Euromut approves or recommends the products or services proposed on this third-party site.
Euromut has no judgement to make regarding the accuracy and/or reliability of information which may be found on third-party sites, either directly or indirectly, or regarding the integrity and/or morality of the third parties.


Intellectual property rights

The contents of the www.euromut.be site, the information and the informative and interactive applications contained on it, the programs, brand names and logos are protected by the intellectual property rights of Euromut, its officials or its suppliers. The Internet user must always comply with these intellectual property rights and must not infringe the relevant legislation. Similarly the contractual relationship with the suppliers of photo, film or other multimedia data bases stipulates that they must ensure that the applications and services which they offer comply with all requirements regarding copyright, intellectual property and related rights.

Responsible publisher
The Euromut Independent Mutual Insurance Company, n° 411.815.280, a mutual insurance company recognised in accordance with the Act of 6 August 1990, having its office at Boulevard Mettewie 74-76 at 1080 Brussels, Belgium
Tel.: 32 2-44 44 700



Applicable law and jurisdiction

The information concerning services and products given on this Web site, together with their publication, are governed by Belgian law. The Courts of Brussels are alone competent to settle any dispute regarding this Internet site, the information given on the site and linked Internet sites and pages, as well as the use made of them by the Internet user.